On Page SEO!

Website Text

When building a website it’s more important than ever to make sure your on page SEO is up to scratch. I would say that the content and structure of your new website is more important than ever! In summary a website should have more text than you may have used before and should be more structured with headers ect. Blogs and posts should have plenty of text. Articles with 300 to 500 words can still play a part but search engines like Google will pay more attention to articles with 2000 plus words.

Website Images

Images on your website plays a bigger part of your SEO strategy than you may think. Do not spam your site with images. That’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the use of a image to bring your article or blog to life! I would not add a blog post or article without adding an optimised image to help add to the story of your text. When I say optimised I mean changing the file name to something relevant to your website and maybe also changing the alt text to a long tail keyword on your image.

Website Videos

Making your web pages more entertaining is vital as the search engines put more importance on your customers time on a page and also the amount of interaction on each page. The interaction is a major SEO factor so do not ignore it. The best ways of creating interaction are the use of video and adding a informative video to your home page is a must in the optimisation of your site. Info graphics are another tool you can use in the design of your website to help your potential customers spend more time on your website and to stay on your website longer! Videos should be uploaded to social media sites like YouTube and embedded onto your site. Make sure you have social bookmarking icons next to your video for more interaction.

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